About TAGS Group.

Meet TAGS®; a young and innovative brand established
by (former) operators for operators!


TAGS® Systems was established in 2010 by Safe Tactics BV. When traveling around the world to train operators in the field of boarding and urban access we noticed that there was a lot of room for improvement on the equipment side. That was when we decided to develop a complete new series of Access equipment.

With help of top notch units around the globe we are rapidly developing innovative equipment to cope with the ever changing threats and operational challenges.

TAGS® high performance products are specifically designed for use in the toughest maritime, remote and urban environments. We are proud to say we are being supported by some of the most famous top notch units around the world.

Rather than designing products that look fancy, TAGS® offers products that work!


TAGS® is represented around the world through a network of highly competent “Channel Solution Partners”. Our partners and end users are supported by our team that consists of experts with many years of “hands on” experience in your field of operation. “For operators by (former-) operators”.

Our services are valued by many teams around the world. Our badge has become a recognized and trusted sign of quality. 

Tell us your requirements… we will provide the best possible solution for your team!

Quality is Paramount

At TAGS® we value our end users. As former operators we know that for all mission critical equipment, quality equals safety and a high succes rate. In line with our Mission, Vision and “Strategic Commitments”, quality is paramount. We strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet and even exceed their expectations and demands.

Our Partners

Interested in becoming a Channel Solutions Partner?

TAGS offers Counter Threat Solutions for High Risk Environments. World wide. In some countries we deal direct with the end user to remain a direct contact with top tier end users; ex colleagues who help us develop our product line, trainings and services. In most countries though we work through a comprehensive network of committed distributors that focus on a specific “channel”; e.g. country, region, customer type or defined project(s). We consider them close partners with whom we build and maintain firm and long lasting relationships. Some have been with us from the start.

There are still several international channels open for discussion. If your company is prepared to make a serious commitment please contact us to discuss this opportunity.

Be aware that a large part of our products and services can only be sold to Government Bodies (Law Enforcement Agencies, Homeland Security, Military, Disaster Management, Rescue Units, etc.).