Rope Rescue Programs.

Comprehensive extensive training in the use of both generic climbing equipment as well as specialized systems in industrial, remote and urban environment. Focus on both individual technical skills and the capacity and knowledge of the operator to use mountain rescue, rope access and rope rescue skills in operational rescue setting with a team of rescuers on site.

High Angle Rescue

High angle rescue operations (HAROPS) urban and industrial area’s and remote locations. Use of modern equipment.

HAROPS Trainer

HAROPS Train The Trainer Course.

HAROPS Team leader

Train team leaders how to manage a rescue team safe and effectively in a high risk environment under high pressure.

High Angle K9

Use of K9 in high angle operations. May be combined with HAROPS Training.

Mountain Rescue

Mountain rescue operations in all terrain and conditions. Summer and/or winter courses available. High and mid alpine.

Helicopter Operations

Winching and Long Line Operation. Module can be added to Mountain Rescue or HAROPS Training.

Medical Programs.

Course levels varying from short and practical “hands-on” first aid courses to comprehensive Trauma Casualty Care for rescuers working in hazardous and remote environments. 

BTC Rescue

Basic Trauma Course for rescue teams working in remote area’s.
(Duration: 2-4 weeks).

First Aid – Remote

Basic Life Support (BLS) for mountain- or rope rescue teams and rescuers working in other remote locations. A must for all team members. Initial patient care and -assessment (until the medic arrives), supporting the medic, helping yourself and team members.
(Duration 2-5 days).


Basic Life Support with AED (BLS/AED). For rescue teams working in rural area’s that can rely on prompt medical support.
(Duration: 1-2 days).


Canine (K9) Trauma Care for dog handlers working in remote area’s.
(Duration: 1-2 weeks).