A true game changer; developed from scratch to cope with the ‘problems’ that are generally associated with air launchers. Very low kickback (no buttstock required), does not look like a weapon when transported and deployment, reloading and recharging faster than ever. Operating the device is so intuitive that only minimum training required. Without loss of reach and efficiency. Optimised to work with our power ascenders. [Click here for more info…].

Introduction at DSEI London.


The new Locking Pin Release System (LPR) is an interface with a pin that connects fixed into the top adapter. The two R-Clips can be connected to a rung of the flexible ladder. By pulling the ladder downwards the R-Clips are removed from the LPR; disconnecting the pole from the Access Hook. The Pole can be retracted and the Access Hook with ladder or rope remain.

The system allows controllable freedom of movement when placing the hook and avoids that the connector pin gets jammed in the pole adapter. Although placing is very reliable and exact; detaching the hook remains extremely simple.

Since the adapter is completely fixed to the pole this adapter is recommended for boat based operations (high speed boat pursuits with sea state). It can be used for other operations as well.

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TAGS® Compact Launchers have been specifically designed for use in the toughest maritime, remote and urban environments. We can proudly state they are trusted by many top notch units around the globe! Operations around the world have shown that the launcher is extremely effective and easy to use in difficult scenario’s (diving, boat-based and land-based ops). For both tactical and rescue operations.

Based on operational experience -driven to our rigorous process of continuous development- we have implemented major improvements that makes the launcher even more safe, effective and easy to use. Meet our brand new MK3 model (released in the summer of 2017).