Early 2018 we acquired TACTS BV; a well known tactical training and consultancy provider with an impressive portfolio and track record. We also merged the specialized high angle rescue and trauma care portfolio of another company within the group; Ascent Safety BV. Whereas TAGS and TACTS where focussing on tactical end users; Ascent Safety focussed on governmental rescue organizations, NGO’s and private sector companies.

Joining forces we decided to continue as TAGS® Academy; a true ‘one stop training provider’ for high risk operations. We noticed that ‘lessons learned’ in a specific field could be applied to under different circumstances. Resulting in highly effective, super safe; field proven solutions, that help save lives.

TAGS® Academy facilitates highly innovative and effective risk based training- and consultancy solutions for Military, Law Enforcement & Rescue Operations and travel in high risk area’s. Providing a “one stop solution” for NATO-Friendly Governments, -NGO’s and vetted private sector companies.

With pride we present you our new “one stop” extensive training portfolio here.

Share your challenges with us… we will provide the best possible solution for your team!