Safety Awareness.

Kidnappings. Bombings. Violent crime. Terrorist attacks, not only on the front line but this can occur at any moment, in any location. TAGS® Academy offers tailor made training packages to aid workers, media groups and personnel of private sector companies that might face many types of danger abroad or in their home country. The training is aimed to increase the situational awareness, protect themselves and the people they serve and it will help to navigate through difficult circumstances.

Hostile Environment

HEAT: Hostle Environment Awareness Training: increase security awareness in high risk area´s to prevent life endanger situations.

IED Awareness

Increase awareness and understand the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s)

Medical Programs.

Course levels varying from short and practical “hands-on” Basic Life Support Courses to comprehensive First Aid Courses for those working or travelling in hazardous and remote environments.

First Aid – Remote

Comprehensive course in Basic Life Support (BLS), illness treatment and Basic Trauma Care for those working or travelling in remote locations (outdoor sports, mountaineering, maritime, desert and jungle, undeveloped area’s). Prevention, helping and yourself, team members and others when the going gets tough. Using modern medical equipment and improvising.
(Duration 2-5 days).

First Aid – Under Threat

Providing First Aid under dangerous circumstances (terrorist attacks, AMOK situations). Do the most for the most!
(Duration 2-5 days).


Basic Life Support with AED (BLS/AED). For those who can rely on prompt medical support (rural area’s).
(Duration: 1-2 days).

K9 – TCC

Canine (K9) Trauma Care for dog handlers working in remote area’s.
(Duration: 1-2 weeks).


Security is the knowledge and attitude employees of an organization need regarding the protection of persons, information and assets of that organisation. TAGS® Academy overall objective is to prepare participants to recognise, respond and react to safety and security incidents to reduce the number of injuries and deaths, property damage, legal liability and personal claims.

Advanced Driving

Defensive and evasive driving. Several trainings available. Armoured cars, breakdown techniques, blue light driving, 4×4, motorcycle.

K9 Handler

Train and refine dog handling techniques. Several specialised training programs available for Search, Security or Dual Purpose.

Maritime Security

Maritime Security Guard Training; security skills and procedures in maritime environment.