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Highly innovative and effective risk based training- and consultancy solutions for Military, Law Enforcement & Rescue Operations and travel in high risk area’s. Providing a “one stop solution” for NATO-Friendly Governments, -NGO’s and vetted private sector companies.

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 Restricted Programs

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 Restricted training programs and services are only provided to NATO friendly governmental organizations!

Training – Consultancy.

TAGS® was established by Safe Tactics BV and have been providing bespoke training and consultancy for Military, Law enforcement, Rescue and other governmental special operations units since 2001. All over the globe. In Spring 2013 we formalized this concept and continued under the brand name “Safe Tactics Academy”; with focus on high angle tactical and rescue operations.

Early 2018 we acquired TACTS BV; a well known tactical training and consultancy provider with an impressive portfolio and track record. We also merged the specialised high angle rescue and trauma care portfolio of another company within the group; Ascent Safety BV. Whereas Safe Tactics and TACTS where focussing on tactical end users; Ascent Safety focussed on governmental rescue organisations, NGO’s and private sector companies.

Joining forces we decided to continue as TAGS® Academy; a true ‘one stop training provider’ for high risk operations. We noticed that ‘lessons learned’ in a specific field could be applied to under different circumstances. Resulting in highly effective, super safe; field proven solutions, that help save lives.


TAGS facilitates highly innovative and effective risk based training- and consultancy solutions for Military, Law Enforcement & Rescue Operations and travel in high risk area’s. Providing a “one stop solution” for NATO-Friendly Governments, -NGO’s and vetted private sector companies.
We will feature our complete range of training and services here soon. Until then please have a look at our latest brochure.

Why TAGS Academy.

Our mission in regards to training:

  • Latest technology, equipment & succesful procedures. Latest “lessons learned”.
  • Strong relation with field of operation (train to the job/train as you fight).
  • Trainers with many years of operational experience.
  • Safety measurements are important but have to be reasonable in regards to the job.
  • Developed in cooperation with the customer: tailored and flexible
  • Follow all the international Health and Safety (HSE) standards, directives and guidelines.
  • Possibility to implement training solutions on short notice.
  • High quality standards: small groups and highly qualified trainers. We track a zero accident rate.
  • Fair price / quality proportion.


Like you do, we want your operators to return home safe. TAGS® clocks up an impressive track record with over 17 years experience in this field of operation and a zero accident rate!


Our mobile training team travels to the client’s location, however training can also be presented in The Netherlands. TAGS® Academy has the availability of several training locations: process installations, close quarter battle structures, purpose built urban/industrial climbing centre, ships, classrooms, swimming pool, etc. This makes it possible to approach reality as closely as possible. Various realistic scenarios can be imitated on all of those facilities including large scale incidents. One of the center’s location is on open water. This offers the opportunity to provide maritime security related training.


TAGS® Academy is committed to excellence in organizational leadership, management, continuous innovation, organizational ethics and diversity, and to an unyielding focus on the client. Our Training and Consulting Division provides formal group training programs, lectures, and seminars to Law enforcement, Military, Rescue, government, and private sector organizations. All of our formal training programs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A Course Syllabus based on the System Approach of Teaching (SAT) methodology with description and learning objectives;
  • Tactical Training Procedures are based on the latest European Law Enforcement and NATO procedures;
  • Certified Instructors;
  • Leadership and team building skills;
  • Extensive practical application exercises.


Our past performance record reflects our extensive accomplishments in the successful execution of highly specialized and sensitive training. Our instructors have been involved in tactical and rescue training since 2001 for numerous government agencies, NGO’s, SME and private sector companies and has provided different training programs from individual to unit, from basic to far advanced training and assisted different countries in their establishment of Special Operations Units (both tactical and rescue). TAGS® Academy is comprised of members who are recruited from all levels of the Law Enforcement, Rescue and the Military communities.

Our recruitment methodologies ensure that only the best personnel become part of our service providing teams.